Material specifications

Convince yourself

The leaders of our busbars are manufactured from high-quality electrolyte copper.

EL-NE brass terminals are made of machining brass, which is further processed blank or galvanized (nickel plated).

We use 3 kinds of plastics for busbars, the corresponding accessories (such as end covers, contact protection etc.) and mounting devices for brassbars.

Underneath you can find the corresponding material designations. For more details please ask us.


Cu-ETP, CW004A (EN)

C11000 (UNS)

E-Cu57, 2.0060 (DIN*)

C101 (BS*)

Cu-a1 (NF*)


CuZn39Pb3 (EN)

CW614N (EN)

C38500 (UNS)

CuZn39Pb3-2.0401 (DIN*)

CZ121Pb3 (BS*)

CuZn40Pb3 (NF*)



– PC / ABS-Blend

– PA 6 + PA 6.6

* former natioanal norms