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EL-NE Elektrotechnik GmbH

Here you can see a small excerpt of our product rage. The conventional “bracket system” is cancelled through the implementation of bus- or phase bars. According to demand, they are available with pin – or fork terminal, or with combination of both!

With bus – or phase bars with the connection-cross section and the building form, there is also a difference between the module widths. The cable exit can be made centrally or laterally, in all common cross sections of 10-60 mm², in the typical module widths of the circuit breaker products.

The user usually purchases meter rails, which are individually adjustable to their needs by sawing off the single bars as well as the isolation profile. Contact protective caps serve the cover of non-used poles. Besides phase bars, also protection – and neutral wire terminals are part of a classical distributor, which we produce as blank or nickel-plated in the different versions. Conductor cross sections up to 70 mm² can be connected by means of the so-called additional terminal to the brass terminal. A plastic base serves the installation on the DIN rail, optionally 1-, 2-, or 4 – level.

Diverse accessories as well as earthing material round off the delivery programme. If you do not make a find in our standard range of goods, we are happy to offer individual solutions, tailor-made to your needs – economically and rationally implemented according to your regulations.

Please ask us, we will be happy to advise you!

Busbars – EL-NE offers a wide range of different bus- or phasebars.
Brass-terminals – You’ll find a variety of brass-terminals in our product range.
Accessoires for bus- and brass-terminals – should not be missed also.
Earthing material – important for lightning protection, grounding and more.